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President's Report

The new normal. I know we have all said those words more times than we can count and it got me thinking how many times we have had to find a “new normal” in our lives. There have been some very distinct times in my life where everything I knew was uprooted and I had to find a new normal to my life.

My first was when I got married and moved in with my husband. I had siblings and had roommates all through college- so living with someone was not new. But living with a guy was and the new normal of checking to make sure the toilet seat was down, took only one midnight fall in the toilet for it to stick.

The other time I had to find a new normal was becoming a parent.  Where I was once confident in every choice and decision, I found myself second guessing and worrying about every small thing. Was that grape too big? Did I read enough to them? Am I actively ensuring they will need therapy one day? The worrying is non-stop and it becomes a new normal to find yourself constantly debating and worrying over everything.

In every other time of my life my new normal made way for the normal that I know now. I still involuntarily check for the toilet seat after 14 years of marriage. I still worry about the kids, and if I am screwing up this parenting thing. I still am not convinced that my kids won’t need therapy one day. It just feels normal at this point to doubt and scrutinize every decision.

Then the world halted and we all struggled to find a new normal in this world of uncertainty. I am not sure we have or ever really will because there is nothing normal about this. Anyone else down for some more precedented times?? We can all agree that there is no book, no article, and most certainly no mentor to help navigate through this dumpster fire that is this year and pandemic. We don’t really know what to do, what to plan for, and what to expect when it all can change on a dime with one press conference. This isn’t a new normal, this is life whack-a-mole and it is exhausting.

What I love about our industry is our resilience and our unwillingness to acquiesce to a “new normal.” We  will never get used to seeing a bride or groom in a face mask or reminding guests “masks when mobile folks!” We are clinging to the old normal like a life preserver, but we can pivot with the best of them an adapt an “ok for right now.” 

There are many of you actively trying to find solutions that are “ok for right now.” Maybe that is inventive ways to present food safely, or really creative floorplans that maximize space and distance. Maybe it is re-inventing the event all together to create something the client will love, or thinking of ways to replace the dance floor with something the guests will enjoy. We have all tried things in this last 7 months. Some we will repeat, and some we will pretend never happened. But what I love more than anything is that no one is giving up. No one is throwing their hands in the air and saying “this is it! This is the new normal folks!” No, we are recognizing that this is “ok for right now.”

We haven’t given up hope that large events will come back. We haven’t thrown in the towel on packed dance floors. We are still planning and dreaming of the future bringing back our old normal.

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Ticket Prices 

Each meeting ticket will reflect the actual cost of the event. Some of our sponsors are able to donate, and some we are paying in full for their product, time, and services. We do not want to tax anyone anymore than they already have been. 

We are trying our best to keep costs as low as possible, but you may see varying prices in the next few months as we get back to some form of in-person events. 


With every event that has a speaker, there will also be the option to tune in at home. We understand everyone is at different stages of comfort with COVID and we want to be sure that you have the opportunity to hear some of our great speakers we have lined up! 

In-Person Events 

As we get back to in-person events, we have a few things we are doing to ensure that we keep everyone safe.

  • Mask Wearing - everyone will be required to wear a mask unless they are seated at their table.
  • Networking - typically this is the first hour and has food and drinks. We will keep networking, but it will not have any food or drinks to make sure everyone keeps their masks on. 
  • Seating - each meeting we will ask who you will be sitting with. We want to be sure that you are around those that you feel comfortable taking off your mask and eating and drinking. 


As with anything dealing with COVID, we understand this is new. Please do not hesitate to reach out with ideas, thoughts, or comments. We want to make sure everyone feels comfortable and well cared for at these events. 

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Upcoming Event

Join us on Tuesday, October 13th at the Raleigh Marriott Crabtree Valley Parking Lot as we celebrate some of our favorite fall things- tailgating, football, and chili!  Come solo or carpool with those you have been socially distancing with!  Bring a lawn chair, wear your favorite tailgating attire, and don't forget your mask!

Do you make the best traditional chili, spiciest chili, or unique chili??  Enter into our Chili Cook-Off and show off your skills!  You can enter as a solo participant or as a group.  To enter, sign up using this link ------>  Chili Cook-Off Entry   In addition to all the chili you can eat, we will have additional snacks and beer and wine!

And, if you don't want to partake in the chili cook-off and want to bring your own food and NOT share, that's fine too! Whatever you feel comfortable with!

This event will be SAFE, FUN, and following all the SOCIAL DISTANCING guidelines.  It's been too long since we have been able to get together and we can't wait to see all of you there!

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Educational Opportunities

EVENT DATE: 10/13/20 2:00 PM EDT - 10/13/20 3:00 PM EDT

Career Crafting & Job Drafting

Intended to help hospitality professionals sharpen their interviewing skills, rethink their resume and optimize your LinkedIn profile.  We will look at how you can stand out to recruiters in a candidate heavy market.

Register Here

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Welcome New Members

Welcome to our newest member! 

Montana Servick 

Sheraton Erie Bayfront Hotel

Join me in welcoming Montana to the Triangle NACE Family! 

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