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President's Report

This is the Year of the Pivot

Is anyone else just tired of that word? Every time I hear it, I just want to put my fingers in my ears and blissfully pretend that we are not talking about COVID. In the beginning we were all numbly moving through the motions and trying to figure out how to survive the spring because the idea that we would STILL be in this mess in the summer and fall was unfathomable. So we said “Let’s Pivot!”

I don’t know about you, but I feel like we “Pivoted” so much that I am slightly lost as to where I actually am. What is my job? Where do I start and the next vendor ends? Who am I? What is my business? Is it a venue or is it just a space that uses electricity? Am I planner or am I the consummate rescheduler? It feels like we are just afloat in the massive ocean that is COVID.

I got to go on a field trip the other day to go get my annual physical. I really love my doctor. Probably too much, but we always catch up before the exam and she asks about my business and kids and such. She walks in and she immediately says “I’ve been thinking so much about you – how are you doing? How is the business doing?” I started to launch into my canned response of “oh, we are ok – it’s hard, but we are pivoting, blah, blah, blah.” She chuckles and says – “pivoting – I like that.”

She couldn’t see my entire face of shock – but I was speechless for a minute. Wait- you haven’t heard the word PIVOT throughout this entire time?!? I feel like I am Ross carrying up the sofa on the stairs yelling down to my team to PIVOT! PIVOT! PI-VOT! And they are yelling Shut-up, Shut-up. Shut-uuuuup! (shout out to all Friends fans who read this in Ross and Chandler voices).

I figured everyone in the world was having to pivot. And I realized that yes, everyone is affected by COVID, but we as a hospitality industry have been pulverized by it. Any sane person would just say “I’m out, to hell with pivoting!” But, as I said at our gala – to be in this industry you have to be a certain kind of crazy. And nothing has rung truer these past months.

Was it ever a question to just give up? Did we form a group to talk about how to shut down our businesses? No – we formed a group to talk through HOW to stay afloat, how to stymie the gaping wound that COVID is leaving behind. We have all pivoted. Not because we have to, but because we WANT to. We love what we do. We love our couples, we love this industry and if we have to pivot until we are aimlessly wandering – we will because it is what we do as service providers. We make sure everyone has their life vest on before ourselves. We are the ones playing music while the ship is sinking. We are tougher than anyone ever gives us credit for.

So I had to tell myself that this is the year of the Pivot. Good or bad – this is 2020. And you know what- I am damn proud of all of us for pivoting and making it this far.

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Current Member Promotions and Important Information

The NACE Board, with support from the Foundation of NACE is immediately instituting a Membership Dues Support Program for those members who have lost their jobs, have been furloughed or otherwise impacted by the pandemic.

All current members will be able to renew their membership at the below rates. Eligibility requirements are below. In order to obtain this membership rate, please call (410-290-5410), chat at www.NACE.net, or email [email protected]. These membership dues rates are additionally eligible for the payment plans.

Chapters will continue to receive rebates on members with reduced dues through an equivalent grant from the Foundation of NACE.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Renewing members are eligible for the support program.
  • If someone has already renewed, they may renew for another 12 months through the support program, however they will not be eligible for a refund.
  • Those in the support program are also eligible for payment plans.


Additional Support for Members During Covid-19

The NACE National Board has enacted several measures to assist members during Covid-19 and maintain our strong, vibrant community.

  • Extended grace period – The membership renewal grace period has been extended from 30 days to 120 days. This means your membership will continue for approximately 4 months after your renewal date without any dues payment.
  • Payment plans – Members may request a payment plan for dues renewal. This payment plan can be combined with the extended grace period.
  • Expanded online education – Through our Explore 2020 webinar series, NACE National is expanding the amount of online education we are offering to members. This education focus on vital topics during the pandemic helps catering and event professional weather the storm and prepare for recovery. This education is offered free, with a pay-what-you-can option.
  • Membership transfer policy – Members who lose their employer-paid membership due to loss of employment will retain their NACE membership for the remainder of their membership term or 90 days, whichever is longer.
  • Career Center – The NACE Career Center provides nationwide job listings and career resources.
  • Covid-19 Resource Center  NACE’s Covid-19 Resource Center provides a comprehensive clearinghouse of resources and information related to Covid-19, protocols, government support programs (PPP, EIDL) and more.

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What are our Members up to?

Chestnut and Vine has rebranded! 

Chestnut & Vine Day-of Wedding Coordination has undergone a recent rebrand to better reflect the collaborative, professional services that all of our couples receive.  We are now known as Chestnut & Vine Wedding Logistics Coordinators.  In addition to our rebrand, we are excited to welcome our newest team members: Chelsea Galagher, Kristen Myers and Bridget Brandt, who many of you will remember from her excellent work with CE and Catering Works.  You can get to know our entire team on our website https://chestnutandvineweddings.com/team/.  Chestnut & Vine is looking forward to when we can work with all of our NACE friends again! (photo credit Richard Barlow Photography)

Washington Duke Inn and the JB Duke are offering Micro Wedding packages from now until December 2021

The Bradford has created a Micro Luxury Experience for Couples

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Welcome New Members

Welcome to our newest member! 

Karen Clymer with York Properties 


Join me in giving Karen a big welcome to the NACE family! 

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Upcoming Event

The future of NACE meetings

I know we are all tired of Zoom! While we were hopeful that we would be out of Phase 2 by August, we are going to once again pivot how we do meetings. For the rest of the year we are going to be live streaming our speakers. 

There will be an opportunity to tune in, ask questions, and interact with the speakers. As a member we are asking for a donation of $10 but it is not required. As a non-member it will be $10 to attend the virtual meeting. 

Once we get to meet again we are assuming our abilities to gather will be limited. We will open up in person tickets to NACE members first. There will always be an opportunity to view the speaker via live feed. 

Our first topic is going to be on new guidelines for events! We will have a panel of speakers that will talk about what the new normal event of 2020 looks like. Be on the lookout for the announcement and chance to sign up! 

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