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President's Report

In an effort to continue the conversation on inequality and listen to our fellow black industry leaders, I have asked Aneesa Glines, a NACE member (our Programs VP), owner of Harmony Weddings, and owner of the newly renovated Graham Mill, to give the President's Report this month.

Another wave of video evidence documenting injustices faced by African Americans has swept the nation. Viewing these videos has shed further light on the experiences many have faced daily for the last several hundred years and evoked pain and compassion in our hearts. As a result, people of goodwill from a diversity of racial backgrounds and across the world, are spurred into action by an urgent desire to bring about constructive change. What’s more, all of this is taking place in a time of heightened hardship caused by a global pandemic. It is a time of great challenges but also a time of new receptivity. People are seeking to learn and seeking to change. Our nation stands in need of the hope and strength that unifying ideas translated into practical action can bring. 

Over these past few days, my tears of heartbreak have been turned into tears of hope. I have been deeply moved by the actions of our Triangle NACE and wedding community. Members have been showing their support of their black friends, neighbors and colleagues, not only in words but also in action. Members have been demonstrating, writing letters, educating themselves, shining a light on black businesses, reexamining the language and diversity of the content they post, and so much more. But above all, two have really stood out: the willingness to have hard conversations and increased recognition for personal growth and understanding. I have witnessed and participated in explorative conversations amongst vendors from a place of love and sincerity. I have been blown away by the humility and vulnerability from vendors as they seek out new perspectives, explore unexamined biases, and search for knowledge and understanding in both publications and everyday conversations with friends and coworkers. 

If we look to history, society has always advanced through cycles of crisis and victory. Therefore, we can take hope that despite the repeated crises of today, the progress of positive forces continues to move humanity towards a future of peace. A peace not merely characterized by the absence of violence and racial disparities but an evolved state of being, one of manifesting unity. The examples described above are examples of individuals and companies aligning themselves with the forces of peace. I feel so fortunate to be a part of an industry and an organization that is taking individual and collective steps in response to our current challenges. May these small steps inspire continued imaginative action that can help us accelerate the journey forward. As Martin Luther King Jr. said in 1956, “The moral arc of the universe is long but it bends towards justice.” 

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Educational Opportunities

Weddings for Real Podcast 

Megan and Terrica tackle Racism, Inclusion, and the keys to change. A great episode to listen to and learn how you can be an agent for change. 

Bridging the Gap

Triangle NACE is here to educate, promote, and strengthen our industry businesses. We feel that through our programs and networking we are able to strengthen our industry through connections made and grow our businesses by widening our circle of professionals. We at Triangle NACE want to insure that our circle of professionals are as diverse and many as the clients we serve. We feel that by opening up to all cultures we are only bettering ourselves personally and professionally.We are hopeful that by supporting Bridging The Gap we will be giving our members the opportunity to meet and hear about some of our black owned businesses in the industry will only make our networks stronger and open up more opportunities for all.

Learn more and sign up here.

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COVID-19 Updates

Current Executive Order

We are currently at Phase 2 for re-opening. Unfortunately Phase 2 did not include special events. A lot of that has to do with the fact that weddings are lumped into the definition of mass gatherings. Venues are NOT considered restaurants. All gatherings, either at a venue or at a private residence are instructed to abide by the executive order of 10 people indoors and 25 people outdoors. 

What is NATIONAL doing?

I've been getting this question a lot. I have consulted National many times as to how to move forward and what they are doing. The biggest struggle with national is that it is just that: national. Meaning that every state is different - what we need is different than South Carolina, which is different than Texas. Here are some steps that they have taken and will continue to take:

1. The NACE board is advancing policies that will support the events business through our involvement in and support of the Events Industry Council, Meetings Mean Busness, go LIVETogether, and other allied organizations. On a national scope, supporting coalitions and collaborative action is the most effective strategy, as it gives NACE and our allies a louder and more coordinated voice than we could create on our own. 

2.  NACE National is collecting resources and information to help, including Nationally approved letter templates.

3.  The National Board has developed some guidance, including an Advocacy Policy for the association that outlines policies, roles, and how National and chapters can take part in collaborative action. *Found on the National Site*

We sent a letter a few weeks ago with ILEA. We sent it to the governor, NCDHHS, news outlets, and every state sentaor and representative. We have not heard anything back other than the support from a few Senators. 

THe NCWA (North Carolina Wedding ALliance)

The NCWA was formed as a legal 501C-4 and has been labeled as an advocacy group. It was created because special events was left out of phase 2.  It is not a affiliated with NACE, however, It is a group that has a large amount of NACE members in it. Here is what they are working on to help the events industry:

1. Getting a seat at the table. They have hired a lobbyist and a lawyer to be able to talk directly with governor's office and DHHS. 

2. Creating a document of re-opening guidleines. They created a 24 page document that outlines how we, as an industry, are committed to safety guidelines and procedures for re-opening. The document is in the hands of the Governor, DHHS, and currently is being reviewed by the state's epidemiologist. 

3. Gettting advanced notice and information on what future phases will look like for special events. They have also suggested gathering sizes at each phase.

4. Re-opening our industry safely and immediately. The goal is to re-open in a safe way as quick as possible. They are requesting that the gathering caps be increased for phase 2, but at a reasonable amount and with safety measures in place. 

I am currently one of the board members so I can tell you that the work is non-stop. We have had some great conversations, and are continuing to work with the Governor and DHHS. The fight is far from over. We have a lot of convincing to do to be able to legally open our businesses. 

If you are interested in learning more- please reach out. You can also visit the NCWA site here: https://northcarolinaweddingalliance.com/ .

**There is a fee that is collected to pay for the lobbyist, lawyer, and admin fees. The financials are transparent and updated for all to see.  If you want to join but are not able to join for the fee - reach out, we want everyone to have the opportunity to be a part of this no matter what you can contribute.** 



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What are our Members up to?

Laurelbrook is offering a cake and champagne package

Photo by Fancy This Photography

The Laurelbrook is a stunning venue located in the heart of Raleigh. It is bright and industrial and allows any vision to come to life. We are currently offering a Cake & Champagne Package to help you intimately celebrate your big day.

  • 2.5 Hours In The Laurelbrook​
  • Reception With Cake and Champagne​
  • Your choice of Cupcakes and Cutting of Cake or Cake to serve guests​
  • Iced Tea, Punch and Spa Water​
  • 2 Seated Tables and 5 Cocktail Tables with Basic Linens​
  • Outdoor Courtyard with market lights 
  • Parking Lot with Attendant​
  • Includes Staff
  • $100 per person


Reach out to [email protected] to learn more

The University Club is Opening!

Check out their Facebook post here about the measures they are taking and how to get a reservation! 

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News Release

A note from your national board:

Dear NACE Members,


Last week, we all watched in horror and read about the murder of George Floyd by Minneapolis police officers. It was a moment of brutality and injustice that followed the murders of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and many others. As we watched and reflected on this terrible act, we’ve been filled with a range of emotions that are difficult to resolve: anger, despair, depression, feeling lost, and desperate for answers. It has cut through the other preoccupations around us in life and in business. It has brought back into focus -- above the pandemic, or politics, or the economy -- the centuries of brutality, systemic racism, and inequality that are behind this national tragedy.


Earlier this week, the National Board made a simple statement of where the organization stands on this that we would like to share again:


"NACE stands with our black members, black catering and event professionals and all black Americans. A vibrant community means a diverse community. NACE is here to listen, to embrace, to elevate, and to love our black community. NACE’s values are clear. NACE condemns police brutality against minorities. NACE condemns systemic oppression. NACE condemns racism. What we value and promote are love, unity and peaceful change. We must work together to challenge injustice and structural inequity."


These tragic events, and the inspiring, peaceful protests that have followed, remind many Americans that we have work to do as a nation, as communities and as human beings. We also have work to do as NACE to build a more diverse and inclusive association.


The National Board knows that it can do better on this issue, and that starts by apologizing for not acting faster. In full transparency, the National Board began discussing diversity and inclusion in 2018, and last year we allocated funding for 2020 to bring in an expert to advise and guide us. We should have acted sooner and with more urgency. We're truly sorry for this and we will do better.


Starting now, the National Board will push a diversity and inclusion initiative forward as an immediate priority. We will do this with full transparency and will be sharing our plan with actionable steps and desired measurable results as soon as possible. We ask for your help, your guidance, your passion, and your voice of support.


We want to assure you that NACE’s values and ethics will always place us on the side of progress, of change, and of working for a better, fairer, and more equitable society.




Doug Quattrini, CPCE, National President

Morgan Montgomery, CPCE, CMP, President-Elect

James Filtz, CPCE, CMP, Vice President

Amber Allen, CPCE, Treasurer

Lisa Carruth, CPCE, Secretary

Karen Tucker, CPCE, CLC Chair

Ed DiAntonio, CPCE, CMP, Past President

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Update on Experience 

Dear NACE Members,

NACE Experience is widely known as one of the best, most exciting and inspiring conferences for catering and events professionals. As people who care passionately about live events, the National Board and I wanted nothing more than to hold the event this August at the Bellagio in Las Vegas. However, the board has decided that the time is not right as originally scheduled, and we have postponed Experience.

I know some of you may be wondering why we’ve waited this long to make an announcement. We have reached this difficult decision after careful reflection and examination of the current situation. We’ve received input from many stakeholders, including members, chapter leaders, sponsors, vendors and more. We’ve considered meeting guidelines, travel limitations and air travel sanitation protocols. We’ve surveyed past attendees. We’ve considered how the current economic situation would alter the conference. After carefully weighing all this information, the board decided unanimously that postponement is the right thing to do.

But, at the same time that I share this disappointing news, I am thrilled to announce that Experience will be held August 1-4, 2021 at the Bellagio in Las Vegas. I look forward to seeing you there, when we are well on the road to recovery, for real friends, real ideas, real solutions, real collaboration, and real dreams.

I know some of you may have questions, so please read on for a FAQ designed to answer many of them. If you need additional information, please contact the National Staff at [email protected] or use the live chat feature at www.nace.net.


Doug Quattrini, CPCE, National President

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Upcoming Event

Check out our next Event!

Dine Around on July 14th! 

We are also working on a webinar for the end of June- stay tuned for more details! 

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