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President's Report

The last 2 weeks we have all watched in horror as the world literally screeched to a halt. We had to console clients, let employees go, and say good bye to co-workers that were like family. What we thought was invincible – the wedding industry – was now crumbling.

I, like most of you, just sat in a state of shock and felt like I was moving through molasses. I didn’t know where to start or who to help. Finding the right mix of empathy for clients but also maintaining a business that can stay open is not easy. Sleepless nights, and major hits on my liver seemed to be the only way to get through this. I felt paralyzed and just sad. I wanted to hug a friend. I wanted to go grab a coffee and commiserate. I wanted my people- right next to me holding my hand not social distancing from those I needed the most.

One night on my second glass of wine, a text comes through from a vendor friend: “Love you SO much- text if you need anything.” And It hit me - my people - they are right next to me. Maybe not literally, we may be separated by a screen – but their support is unwavering. Whether it is a Facebook group giving advice, a text of encouragement, a meme shared, or even a phone call to check in- my people are right next to me and holding my “hand.”

As a community we have banded together and come to realize that we are ALL in the same boat. We are ALL making the hard decisions. We are ALL heart broken. We are ALL finding ourselves wading in unknown waters. Stay strong and stay connected. If you are struggling, talk to someone, don’t bottle this up – We are not isolated or alone – we are ALL in this together. There is nothing that I am prouder of than to say that I am part of this community. There is no group of people I would rather suffer through a Pandemic than you all.

I do hope you are finding some joy and some gratitude in the midst of all this and that you can see a light at the end of this dark tunnel. In the words of my dear friend Lyn Graves: “Tomorrow will always come, and as the weeks and months progress we will see full sunlight so bright that we will have to wear shades 24/7.”

I hope to see you all really soon and can’t wait to hug each and every one of you!

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Membership Information

Updates from NACE National

NACE National has rolled out some initiatives to help all of us during this time.

Member Assistance

• Membership renewal grace period extended to 90 days

• Transfer policy for employer-paid memberships

• Up-to-date online resources and information

• Payment plans available


Visit: https://www.nace.net/ for more information or reach out to a board member and we can help answer any questions. 


National has also released some great resources for everyone as well. I encourage you all to visit their site regularly as they are updating daily. Here are a few that I found very helpful:


Balancing your event business as a parent


How to protect your mental health


Available business loans


Thank you to everyone that filled out the survey! Stay tuned as the new bill gets approved and how that helps our industry. National played a part by sending in letters and the data collected. You can read about it here.



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What are our Members up to?

What can you do to help our friendors?

NACE Caterers and Restaurants Offering Curbside Pick-up or Delivery:

Donovan's Dish 

University Club

Mitchell's Catering 

Catering Works 

Durham Catering Company

LM Restaurant Groups - Carolina Ale House

Empire Restaurants: The Pit, Raleigh Times, Sitti, Gravy

Chapel Hill Restaurant Group: Squids and 411 West

City Barbeque

Triangle Restaurant full list here:

Full List of Restaurants

**You can also make a donation to the Restaurant Relief Fund through the above link*

Miscellaneous Classes, workshops, and entertainment

Magnolia Grove Weddings is offering hand lettering classes. Email her at [email protected] to see when the next class is. 

Fancy This is starting a Facebook group to help you learn photography! To learn more and join, search the group Quarantined Photography by Fancy This.

Check out A Southern Soiree's Podcast: Weddings for Real for some great content on how to get through this crisis. 

Udeshi Hargett and Violinists has hosted a live concert. Make sure you are following her so you can catch the next one! 

Our Members are Giving Back

Walters and Walters has been working hard to help these businesses have content for their new ventures. Big shout out to the man who is always serving others! 

Rocky Top is teaming up with local schools to feed those that need it most. If you want to know how you can help e-mail [email protected]

**If you have an announcment or want to give someone a shout out- please e-mail us!**

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Welcome New Members

Welcome New NACE Members!

Shawn Schindler
Shawn Schindler Events

Cara Powell 
F8 Photography and The Upchurch

Adam Hoffman

Natasha Zapanta

Alison Brandeis
Durham Catering Company

Leslie Ginnes
Petal and Twist

HSS Staffing
Jeff Besselman
Rocky Top Catering 

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Upcoming Event

We are all in this together! Join us for a virtual round table discussion to collaborate, commiserate, and encourage one another. You can sign up for a spot here:

Round Table Discussion Sign up

Few things to note:

We have broken the tables up by different sectors in the industry. If your table happens to be full, we will add a second.

Your Moderator will be reaching out to you the week of to submit questions. You can ask to remain anonymous if you wish.

You will receive a Zoom link by Tuesday morning. Please come to the table as you are! PJ’s allowed and drinks encouraged! Video conferencing works best from a computer not from your phone.

The discussion will go on as long as the group wants it to go.

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