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Speed Networking


June 14, 2011
6:00 PM - 8:45 PM
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Prestonwood Country Club
300 Prestonwood Parkway
Cary, NC

In business and in life, relationships are everything. And networking is critical to build the relationships that lead to career growth, new business alliances, or the next big sale. Why are thousands of organizations incorporating speed networking events into their event programming? To help them...

* Assure members meet other members
* Reduce the anxiety and awkwardness for participants
* And create more satisfied participants for greater retention

This month, we will head to Prestonwood Country Club in Cary.  In this beautiful setting, facilitated by Netowrking Master DJ Joe Bunn, we will have a unique opportunity to network outside of our comfort zone to find out all that NACE members have to offer! 


Below are some helpful tips to ensure that you network as effectively as possible!

Top Tips for Efficient Speed Networking

Come well prepared

During a speed networking session it is extremely important to be well prepared, efficent and goal oriented. There is very little time for small talk in contrast to other networking sessions. Prepare yourself by setting goals and outcomes that allow you to deliver the message that you want to communicate. Don't forget to bring a stack of business cards and preferably aa folder or one-pager that clearly describes your company and its offerings.

Always have the end in mind

Before the event begins, set clear and concise goals and objectives to use as a guidance during the different meetings. To create new contact on the local market could be an objective, but the overall goal should be more specific than that.

Be honest and show respect

Introduce yourself and exchange business cards before starting.  Being first has its advantages, but the one speaking last can adjust the presentation to what he just heard, and in that way, touch on common denominators and create more interest.

You will gain from giving

By helping the person you are meeting to achieve his goal in an open minded and honest way, you will gain more from the meeting. It creates confidence and the will of the other party to collaborate. It also creates a more dynamic and open minded way of looking for win-win situations for both of you.

Be aware of your personal brand

In good time before the meeting, as well as during the meeting, reflect over how you can work with your personal brand. Are you dressed according to the venue, are you communicating your core values and your basic principles? Be aware of your posture, your body language and note the way your counterparts are responding to the way you are delivering your message.

Prepare your elevator pitch

An elevator pitch is a 30 second description of your self, what you do and what you want to communicate. Prepare a pitch before the meeting and think through the most important things you would like to communicate. Refine the pitch so that it sounds natural. If you execute well, you will have an audience that is alert and attentive to whatever you have to say afterwards, regarding how you can help the other person reach his goals and how he can help you reach yours.

A good pitch can be constructed by the following parts:

  1. Your name.
  2. Your title and company.
  3. The values you create for your clients, by describing a typical problem, what activities you used to solve it and the actual result.
  4. You can round up by including something about your goals and the results you wish to achieve from the meeting.

Take notes

You should always take notes in every meeting with another human being. Scribble down who it is you are talking with, the date, the context as well as a summary of what is being said. Try to find common denominators and in which ways you can help the person in front of you, who amongst your contacts can be a good connection, which of your own goals can benefit from the other persons experience, contacts, etc. Always bring a writing pad and a pen to meetings. Remember that successful people think on paper.

Follow up

One of the most important aspects of networking is to follow up the contacts you have received during the meeting. If you do not follow up, you might as well have stayed in the office and done something more useful. Place a phone call, book a lunch or send an e-mail so that the person gets a more lasting impression of you and what you do. This shows professionalism as well as respect for the time the other person took to meet you. By revising your notes, it will be easier to recall the names and the thought about activities and connections related to the  goals of the other party.

Work with continuous improvements

To sharpen the saw is always important when trying to develop yourself and your skills. What did go right? What could you have done better? Do not wait to figure out how you can improve until next time. Prepare yourself already today by improving the elevator pitch, prepare a kit for next time with tools and a checklist and think of how your personal brand can be even more relevant for the next meeting.


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