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Event Professional Spotlight: Rick Bryda

Posted by Admin on May. 1, 2013  /   0

 Written by James Walters


 On a gorgeous Saturday several years ago, I was photographing what was probably my eighth spring wedding of the season.  Everything from the location to the florals was beautiful and elegant, but I was starting to feel like I had seen it all.  I didn't want to admit it, but many of the places and things in my photos were beginning to look the same.

That is until I walked into the ballroom that day to check out where we would be taking pictures later in the evening. There was only one other person in the room.  He was sitting at a table beside the stage focused intently on a laptop screen. I looked around the room and got excited about photographing this reception.  It had theatrical lighting!  It wasn’t as common at that time as it is now and I was excited about anything that would add to the visual beauty of the party.

Being a lighting geek, I wanted to see what this person was working with.  "Woah, no wires!." I thought to myself.  These were the coolest uplights I had ever seen.  Small, battery powered units that could all be controlled wirelessly from a laptop.  I thought I knew a lot about lighting equipment, but that was some Star Trek level stuff as far as I was concerned.  There was no one else in this area with anything like it.  I walked over to the guy at the lap top to ask him lots of questions.  That's when I met Rick Bryda for the first time.

Rick is the President of Total Production Services based in Raleigh, NC which began as a stage company that has evolved into a “full service” production company. They will work any size job - from the smallest stage to the largest multi-day event. They specialize in working with non-profit organizations and individuals and have been a member of NACE since 2000. 

It’s not only lighting and staging though.  Just recently, I walked into the the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences to photograph an event and there was Rick, setting up a massive truss system to support a curtain of ice sculptures on both sides of an aerialist.  Whomever dreamt up that combination is a genius and Rick made it happen for them.  He also lit everything for maximum drama which created a fantastic experience for the people attending the event and helped make my photos look even better. 

Check out the Total Production Services web site to get more information on the many ways they can help you make your next event incredible.

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