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The Comeback of Booze

Posted by Admin on May. 8, 2012  /   0

Saying “I do” to a full bar!  When it comes to wedding events, that’s the trend we are seeing here at Bay 7 at American Tobacco and across the Triangle.  The buzz in the special events industry is that brides are adding back hard liquor and/or signature drinks to their special day.  

Why the increase?  Amanda Scott, Event Specialist, with a Swanky Affair referred to it as the “Mad Men Resurgence.”  Brides are seeing swanky cocktails incorporated into TV shows and view the drinks as a hip and cool thing to add to their event.   

Then there are the parents of the bride and groom, who may come from a generation where cocktails were more common than micro-brewed beers and trendy wine.  

Angie Wright of Chic Details Weddings and Events says that, “across the board, brides are spending more money on everything.”  The general feeling among industry professionals is that the economy is on the upswing, and brides and their families are feeling less stressed about expenditures and perceive a full bar are more high end and celebratory.

Regardless of the reason, the impact has added an additional stress level with everyone feeling like they are “on the rocks”.  Communication between the bride, venue, planner and caterer is essential regarding whose responsibility it is to secure the spirituous ABC Permit.  

We all know the North Carolina ABC Permitting laws are vague.  However, if you are a caterer and you know you don’t have a spirituous ABC permit it’s your obligation to inform the client that they have the responsibility for securing the permit as it pertains to the hard liquor. If you are a planner, adding an ABC line item to the client’s “to do” list would ensure compliance as needed.  If you manage a venue, discussing the ABC permitting process during the initial tour and including the item in the events logistical details.

Nothing says, “shaken and not stirred” as having to tell a bride on the Thursday or Friday before their wedding day that they need to head to downtown Raleigh in person to get a background check and apply for an ABC spirituous permit.

So I say, make it a double – better communication and coordination when it comes to full bars at wedding events.

Thank you to Valerie Ward, Events & Public Relations Manager, Bay 7 at American Tobacco, for contributing this article!

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