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Passion for Triangle NACE

Posted by Admin on Feb. 16, 2012  /   0

It’s the old saying you only get out what you put in!  It’s really true, the more you get involved with a project of any kind the more passionate you become about your efforts. Working in the catering/event world is ever evolving.  You simply just can’t know it all.  The moment you feel that you have hit the highlight of an event, you have to start again on the next big moment.  You simply just trip over your last event and either take on more knowledge and growth or you simply just fizzle out.   Triangle NACE offers a wealth of ideas/ inspirations and growth for the individual who seeks to add to their event tool box.  You can’t just show up, you need to participate and get involved.  Look around you at each event and you will see that there is more than meets the eye at this association.  Networking with peers, visiting your competitors, exchanging ideas and getting an education session all rolled in one.   It’s up to you to improve your self and grow, and I for one can say that the Triangle NACE chapter has been where I have picked up the trends of the season, collaborated with my peers, discussed difficult topics, and sharpened my career by mentoring others.


This article was contributed by Diane Tighe

Immediate Past President of Triangle NACE

Director of Catering & Conference Services, Washington Duke Inn and Golf Club

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