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In this month's video, did Otis, the Viewsletter's mascot, correctly pick the winenr of the NCAA Men's Basketball Championship game?

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April Triangle NACE Chapter Meeting

Events at Opus in Chapel Hill, NC

Tuesday, April 11, 2017



Do you lose sight of your own well-being and health during "busy season" in the events industry? Has your career taken first priority in your life and left everything else on the back burner?

Maybe it's time for a serious "Digital Detox" for your mind, body and soul!

Join us for an insightful discussion and presentation with Personal Leadership and Holistic Wellness Practioner, Melanie Affarian Saint-Jean, as we dive in to attainable mind, body and spirit holistic practices that will connect you to your inner-self and assist you with maintaining balance through trying times.

Currently a Holistic practitioner using alternative methods to address dis-ease as an imbalance in the physical, emotional, spiritual or environmental components of one's life. Using methods such as , Reiki, Meditation and Chakra Energy Healing to move negative energy away from the physical and energetic body and treating the causes rather than eliminating the symptoms, holistic healing focuses on the mind, body and spiritual souls of a person.

Melanie began her career as a buyer for an Italian knitwear company directly out of college, as she moved swiftly up corporate ladders she found herself spending more time focusing and dedicating herself to her job. Leaving very little time to for herself or her growing family. Coming to a quick realization after 9/11, Melanie decided enough was enough and left the corporate world to focus on herself and her family. Going back to college in her 40's she received her MBA and PhD in Business with a focus on International Marketing and Labor Relations. Taking that knowledge and her experience she went into higher education teaching a a private university. It was while teaching once again committing herself and her time to others that Melanie started practicing meditation. "Being able to sit mindfully was not easy, with a self confessed AAA personality it took all I could do to sit still"

Focusing on her wellbeing and that of her family, Melanie studied Mindfulness and received her certification in Mindfulness Meditation. Continuing to learn more about how mindfulness can actually slow you down to produce more is a mission that Melanie has been on for both herself and her clients. "Mindfulness keeps you in the present, the past and future are not real, here and now is what needs attention" This philosophy has helped Melanie continue her holistic studies, becoming a certified Reiki Practitioner, Chakra Energy Healer and currently studying Shamanism.


Featured April Venue:  Events at Opus in Chapel Hill, NC

Featured April Caterer: Durham Catering Company

Delicious NEW! Menu Items to be featured for our amazing Triangle NACE vendors in April!


Vodka shaken with black tea simple syrup, fresh lemon juice, ginger beer floater & candied lemon peel garnish


Make Your Own Crostini Station


Baby Spinach, Chevre, & Dried Figs tossed in Fig Vinaigrette

Coffee Smoked Brisket with Whiskey Barbeque Glaze, Wild Mushroom Gratin & Heirloom Carrots OR Ricotta Dumplings with Asparagus and Green Garlic, Wild Mushroom Gratin & Heirloom Carrots

Dessert Station {You will NOT want to miss this!!}

‘Smash Bar’ with dark chocolate, dried cherries, matcha white chocolate, milk chocolate almonds, fresh raspberries, whipped ricotta

Our April meeting wouldn't be nearly as amazing without the support and expertise of these other fine vendors!







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